Translating Portfolios is one of the ways to help you approach potential customers and discover international partners. It is particularly helpful for businesses that aim to reach out to the world. Integration and development which are taking place in Vietnam’s economy have attracted attention and investments from many foreign entrepreneurs, and businesses. For that reason, Vietnamese businesses have more chances to enhance themselves. However, attracting overseas partners and investors is not trouble-free.



Creating portfolios is among effective ways for businesses to briefly introduce their expertise to partners and investors, thereby making it much easier for them to come to the negotiation process.


Portfolios are usually chosen to be translated into English by most businesses as English is an international language. Therefore, you will find the English Translation service very popular.



Why do we need to translate Portfolios?

As mentioned above, a portfolio is a bridge connecting businesses and investors, making it easier for partners to learn your expertise in the sphere of cooperation. However, it is unacceptable to provide partners with complicated portfolios that they cannot understand each written sentence.



That’s where Portfolio Translation service comes, to solve this problem for customers, reinforcing the connection between customers and partners to be firmer.


Why do we need to find a delicate translator or translation company that specializes in translating portfolios?

Translating portfolios is different from translating economic contracts in which every word must be translated accurately. Because there is a big difference between Vietnam and other languages. There are many flowery words to adorn a business’s portfolio in Vietnamese, while we solely have one fixed grammar structure to do that in other languages.



Therefore, it is necessary to find a specialized translator or translation company who is knowledgeable in the fields of activities in running a business and who has extensive experience in translating with the ability to use words skillfully to make your portfolios appear more professional for international partners.


How much does it cost to translate a portfolio?

Small translation companies with a scattered number of skillful and experienced employees will have quite expensive service prices. In contrast, large translation companies with abundant human resources will have much lower service prices. As they have a diversity of resources, they can find you a translator aimed with full knowledge, skills, and experience, as you wish, effortlessly.



Still, it is important to compare different translation companies since they have different prices as well as translation quality and time. Find a translation company that meets your needs to make sure everything goes on track.


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The commitment of

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