Consecutive interpretation is a form of interpretation in which a speaker will say a sentence and pause for an interpreter to convert that sentence into a target language. This process will take place sequentially.


In this form of interpretation, the interpreter will sit by the speaker and interpret what the speaker says into the target language. The interpreter can summarize the speech, and interpret it in segments.


In this form of interpretation, the interpreter can pause the speaker, ask for repetition or explanation from the speaker to ensure the accuracy of the interpreting work. The interpreter can discuss with the speaker in advance for the content of the speech, the length of a sentence in the utterance to ensure high efficiency for the interpreting work.


This type of interpretation is suitable for meetings in small businesses, or important occasions, such as factory and business visits, dinners, and more. Consecutive interpretation requires interpreters to have a short-term memory and the ability to take notes so that interpreters can fully convey the speaker’s message.


Consecutive interpretation is the most popular form of interpretation, as it is the most easy-control form. A consecutive interpreter will wait for the pause created by the speaker to start interpreting.


During interpreting, the interpreter will immediately start interpreting when the speaker pauses. Consecutive interpreting is divided into the following forms:

  1.       Escort/ Travel Interpreting:

Our interpreters will escort – travel with you and interpret for you while you are traveling around on your trips, in different contexts and situations according to your requirements.




  1.      Court Interpreting:


In court, interpreters are required to interpret for clients who do not speak the languages used in the court. Interpreters can be required to perform either consecutive interpreting or simultaneous one. If it is simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter will be asked to perform whisper interpreting for the clients.




Specialized consecutive interpreting.


  1.     Over-the-Phone Interpretation:


It is a type of interpretation which is performed via the internet or telecoms, in which at least 3 people are talking to each other.


  1.     Whisper interpreting


Sometimes, due to some social, secret, and operational purposes in certain conversations (depending on the situation), whisper interpreting is used in either consecutive form or simultaneous one. This form of interpreting requires intense concentration. The interpreter needs to listen carefully and perform their job by whispering in the client’s ears. The difficulty of this interpreting process is the fact that many whispering interpreters are performing their job at the same time with many dissimilar languages.